Our design-build studio supports unique brand expressions from the first fixture through flagships.

Take confident steps on the path from ideation to brand expansion, through the support of our unique collaborative design experience. Our team adds retail know-how to pop-up shops, shop-in-shops, and full retail environments. We’re interested in your story, your imaginings, and your creative vision. We have the tools and creative expertise to bring your brand to life. It’s classic Alliusta… Our innovation-driven design support services deliver you to the door… on time, and on budget.

When you’re confident in your design format and committed to programmatic expansion of your brand, our team builds the solution. Alliusta offers unparalleled value-based strategic services: fixture production, engineering intelligence, global sourcing, project management and logistics solutions for multiple locations, from shop in shop to freestanding retail.

We’re proud of our history of providing exceptional, custom, value-driven, high quality fixtures for retail, hospitality and unique workplaces. We craft from wood, metal and glass as well as advanced and sustainable materials. Building with design integrity and specializing in outstanding client support is our benchmark.

We build to the highest standards, here in the US and internationally. Our extraordinary services are seamlessly delivered by our team of experts, through communication tools and formats that are customized to your needs and culture.


The reason is, there isn’t a better way. Modern computer-aided design and construction techniques can manufacture precision components and streamline production, but the immaculate detail and finish of Alliusta furniture, inside and out, can only be achieved by skill and dedication. This human factor and its influence on the finished product cannot be replicated by a machine, which might be able to sand and polish a given number of times but will never be able to tell when the end result is right. The fact that the end result is right on Alliusta design is as many thanks to the people who built it as to the technology that first mapped it out.

Nor can a machine pay close attention to detail; it takes a person to do that. A person who takes a pride in their workmanship, the ability of their own two hands to create a look and a finish of real beauty Our Furniture is Made in New JerseyAll of Aliusta’s products, are made in New Jersey. We build locally for several very good reasons:* it keeps our lead time shorter* it allows us to maintain higher quality than building in other countries* it impacts the environment less by reducing the need to ship overseas* and it supports the local economy.

While it is tempting to build in other, less expensive countries, we are proud to build our custom pieces right here in New Jersey.

Our mission is to deliver a product built to the highest quality standards recognized by design professionals and the industry.

This is why we are meticulous in our application of the Alliusta Quality System, which comprises a pool of experts and specialist managers who perform quality checks and tests even on a single piece.

This is achieved by complying precisely with technical specifications, with the requirements of register and classification entities, and, most importantly, with the Owner’s expectations, as interpreted by Alliusta through its construction capabilities of design.

Aspiring to the highest technical and functional standards, without compromising on appearance and comfort, has always been one of Alliusta’s most important goals.

To deliver both high performance and high-end luxury in the same craft has everything to do with the materials chosen.

Externally, the quality of materials that provide the sumptuous Aliusta finishing touches are there for all to see – rich American walnut furnishings, and highly polished, high gloss lacquer  What is less easy to see is the choice and application of materials that allow high-performance and high-end luxury to come together in the same vessel.

While it is tempting to build in other, less expensive countries, we are proud to build our custom pieces right here in New Jersey.


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