At Alliusta, we’re proud of our history of providing exceptional, custom, value-driven, high-quality fixtures for retail, hospitality, and unique workplaces. We craft from wood, metal, and glass as well as advanced and sustainable materials. Building with design integrity and specializing in outstanding client support is our benchmark.

Our 2 Powerful Service Systems Moving Retail Brands Forward

At Alliusta, our work is informed by our 2 service systems, differentiating our portfolio of capabilities to better meet your needs, based on where you are in your Brand Journey.

Our design-build studio supports unique brand expressions from the first fixture through flagships. Take confident steps on the path from ideation to brand expansion, through the support of our unique collaborative design experience. Our team adds retail know how to pop-up shops, shop-in-shops, and full retail environments. We’re interested in your story, your imaginings, and your creative vision. We have the tools and creative expertise to bring your brand to life. It’s classic Alliusta… Our innovation-driven design support services deliver you to the door …on time, and on budget.

  • Brand Visioning
  • Design Development Services
  • Prototype/Flagship Execution

When you’re confident in your design format and committed to the programmatic expansion of your brand, our team builds the solution. Alliusta offers unparalleled value-based strategic services: fixture production, engineering intelligence, global sourcing, project management, and logistics solutions for multiple locations, from shop-in-shop to freestanding retail. We build to the highest standards, here in the US and internationally. Our extraordinary services are seamlessly delivered by our team of experts, through communication tools and formats that are customized to your needs and culture. Our capabilities create momentum Worldwide!

  • Engineering Intelligence
  • Value-based Fixture Production
  • Installation/Logistical Services


Every day, since 2005 we have been celebrating excellence adding thought, research, and development to the ingenuity of our hands.

Listen to clients. Always. Satisfy their requests over time and accept constant challenges. This is what Alliusta does, fully aware that the construction of custom pieces.

With its dedicated team, Alliusta can implement modifications while work is already in progress and develop projects in any direction suggested. The constructive, client-oriented approach endorsed by Alliusta is typically industrial engineering added value that is recognized and appreciated the world over.