Designed for living and for business, hospitality serves two masters—the clientele and the investors. The art and manufacturing of our design approach are to balance their needs in ways that honor the laws of attraction at every price point—building brand loyalty, buzz, and happiness. We know this territory, including the new players and emerging markets. We know hotels, resorts, and residences in every combination.

Whether inside the hotel rooms, public spaces, or suites, the range of high-quality furniture that you can find here at Alliusta would help the guests to feel at home. Rest assured that we have furniture solutions suitable for any form of environment. We are providing a wide range of fashionable and trendy products with the durability and quality needed by the whole hospitality environment.

Pick from a wide array of stocked products available for fast and on-time shipment or you may allow our team to help you in making and designing custom pieces that will suit your unique needs. Whatever you choose from our line, you would discover competitive pricing which is as attractive as the furniture. Recognized for design brilliance as well as uncompromising quality, Alliusta is bringing its trademark designs to the best hospitality properties in the world. A handcrafted and curated variety of furniture, accessories, and lighting is available for your incoming projects which include select items available for instant delivery.

We are selling:
Lobby furniture
Bunk beds
Dormitory millwork
School furniture
Reception desk

Over-the-top Comfort
Our dedication is to design and come up with furniture that is giving comfort while it brings matchless and unfading beauty to living. From the lobby to the suite, lounge to the meeting room, you provide your guest with the luxury they ever want while you make them feel comfortable.

We are collaborating with design brilliance and with our sharp eye to curate assortments coupled with our collaboration with the most renowned designers, we are providing a variety of styles from the classic one to contemporary so as to come up with a custom look that best suits your needs. Our commitment to uncompromising craftsmanship guarantees that our furniture is made to the greatest quality. Right from impeccable materials to old-world methods, rest assured that every piece is crafted thoughtfully to come up with an endless impression for the future.

We consider quality, function, and beauty when customizing the products to meet your design aesthetic. We offer a standard, premium to custom finishes together with hundreds of great fabric choices. Our team builds furniture for suites, guest rooms, lobbies, restaurants, and some other seating requirements. We are conducting our industry-leading product test in-house to make sure that your furniture would last while looking great.

You will also be able to accommodate other guests and make use of your space in the best way for them. We are working in partnership with some of the greatest providers of raw materials in the industry in order to provide their new and fresh look for both existing and new properties. Manufactured in the United States, this particular seating collection is expressing our signature while we provide the commercial-grade durability and comfort we are known for.

We are always available to assist you with any questions that you would like to ask our team. We are just a phone call away and our line is always available to accommodate your inquiries.