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Custom Furniture and Fixtures

We design and build modern furniture that is functional and timeless. Our signature custom Alliusta furniture collection is made to order in New Jersey, supporting craftspeople in our communities and featuring locally-sourced sustainable materials. Since 2005, we have designed, produced, and sold an extensive line of custom types of furniture.

At Alliusta, we’re proud of our history of providing exceptional, custom, value-driven, high-quality furniture. We craft from wood, metal, and glass as well as advanced and sustainable materials. Building with design integrity and specializing in outstanding client support is our benchmark.



We all love options, right? Regarding furniture or other things, people love to have choices so they can choose just the right product that suits their needs. Here at Alliusta, a huge selection of the best-designed and produced furniture is what we have for you. Alliusta designs and builds modern furniture for your home that is functional, stylish, and durable.

The Alliusta home furniture collection is our signature custom residential furniture made to order in New Jersey and is produced by expert craftsmen. We take pride in our line of home furniture featuring locally-sourced and sustainable materials and being able to support our communities’ craftspeople. Since 2005, Alliusta has designed, produced, and sold our extensive line of first-class custom furniture.

We at Alliusta are proud of our long history of providing high-quality furniture to our valued customers. We take pride in providing furniture that is exceptional in every aspect as well as unique and custom in designs. We are proud to provide our customers with the kind of furniture designed to cater to their unique needs and will give their home class and style.

Alliusta crafts our home furniture in varying materials including wood, glass, and metal. We also build our home furniture using advanced and sustainable materials. It is our promise to our clients to build our products with integrity and to provide outstanding client support. When it comes to home furniture, you can trust Alliusta to bring you high-end but low-priced custom furniture that fits your needs.

Living, dining, bedroom, or any other furniture, we can supply you with just about every kind of furniture you will need to make your house feel like home. We’ve got all kinds of furniture to help you create a stylish, refreshing, simple but beautiful home that will make your family and visitors feel good. Alliusta is here to bring you a wide selection of home furniture ideal for your home.

Home Furniture Available at Alliusta

Our shop offers a wide range of residential furniture for the unique needs of our clients. These are space-saving furniture with designs from traditional, classic, contemporary, and custom. This gives you wide choices for the perfect furniture for the interior of your home. Here are the types of home furniture available at Alliusta:

Loft Beds and Murphy Beds

Looking for space-saving beds? Alliusta is where you can find high-quality, durable loft beds and Murphy beds that help you save space in your room. If you’ve moved into a new home with very limited space, we’ve got the furniture solutions to make more space in your new home. You can enjoy your small apartment and create more space by using our custom, space-saving loft beds and Murphy beds.

Both loft beds and Murphy beds help create more space in your room. But both have differences in terms of structure, practicality, and cost as well as both having their own benefits and detriments. However, if you are looking for space-saving beds, our loft beds and Murphy beds can offer you wide range of benefits.

With us, you can choose from loft beds and Murphy beds that are made from the best and most durable materials. Our space-saving beds are all high-end but low-priced furniture that suits your budget. We provide you with a sturdy and custom-built bed that has character and style but at a reasonable price. With Alliusta loft beds and Murphy beds, you can save not only in space but in cost as well.

Queen Size Wall Bed Systems

Alliusta queen-size wall bed systems offer you convenient space for sleeping and space in your room as well. When not in use, queen-size wall bed systems can be doubled over for storage, thus providing more space in your room. Our wall beds are unparalleled in terms of comfort and style which is even better than sofa beds.

More so, wall beds offer more features like storage and built-in seats as well as added flexibility than Murphy beds. If you are looking for smarter ways you can create and use the space in your room, our queen-size wall bed systems make the best investment with their modern design and style as well as innovative manufacturing.

Space Saving Furniture

If space is limited in your home, we at Alliusta can help provide you with creative ways to maximize the space in your room. Through space-saving furniture, you don’t have to feel cramped anymore living in the small space of your home. Space-saving furniture provides you with a smarter and more comfortable way of living in an apartment, condo, townhouse, or single-family home.

Alliusta provides you with innovative solutions for saving and maximizing any space with our range of space-saving furniture from transforming beds to sofas and any other kind of products. Of course, these are products that feature innovative engineering and stylish looks. Our space-saving furniture is built to provide you with functionality and practicality if you ever need more space.

Wall Units, Custom Closets and Custom Bookcase

Alliusta also specializes in building custom bookcases for clients who are looking for furniture with aesthetic design and functionality. With us, you will find the highest quality custom wood works in any size and at very reasonable prices. Get custom bookcases in any wood, style, size, and finish that you wish.

Choose your own style from classic, contemporary, shaker, or modern. Select the wood from available wood materials including cherry, pine, oak, maple, and more. Whatever the size – height, weight, depth, and number of shelves – Alliusta will do it for you. We also have a variety of stain colors for finishes that you can choose from for the best custom bookcase that suits you.

Not only custom bookcases, but we also specialize in building wall units and custom closets perfect for your home needs. Any style, design, material, or finish of your choice, our craftsmen can surely build. When it comes to custom home furniture, Alliusta provides you with only high-end products with design integrity at competitive prices.